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July 18-19, 2024

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Our Mission

The mission of the California Fire Chaplain Association is to bring together persons interested in providing an effective Chaplain Service: to give aid, comfort and help to firefighters and their families; to work toward the betterment of all areas of the fire and emergency service. To serve God, to aid humanity, our communities, our government, our religions, our Country and the quality of life; to help mankind in developing their most noble characteristic that of serving others.

The California Fire Chaplain Association is multifaith and calls for no compromise of either individual beliefs or convictions. Our responsibility is to God and to humanity. As Fire Chaplains, our work is not limited to the area of fire departments, firefighters, communities nor victims of the devastating ravages of fire or other crisis happenings. We shall strive to help ease the suffering of our fellow man wherever our paths shall lead. However, as a base for our service, we have chosen to support the fire fighting profession.

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